vals de la rosa

“ The voices keep resonating here, those memories that aren´t really memories, realities that could be realities, that live inside my interior, it´s me, it´s you, it´s him, i am it, it´s all of us together singing whilst the sun is rising, waiting for the sun to hide again behind the sea, to maintain a whisper in the silence of what we have always been and that no one wants to see. „

Company Circus Contemporaneum (El Salvador)
Produced in El Salvador
Choreographer: Raul Martinez
2018 // 60min // Piece for Theater
This piece contains spoken texts in Spanish.
08.04.18 “Teatro Nacional”, San Salvador, El Salvador
07.04.18 “Teatro Nacional”, San Salvador, El Salvador
06.04.18 “Teatro Nacional”, San Salvador, El Salvador
23.02.18 “Festival Nomada”, San Salvador, El Salvador
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