My Blue is your Green

We all know this feeling: we are curious, feel attracted, want to try things, play, get to know each other. But without realizing, suddenly borders are being tested, we want to express our POINT of view, want to have what the other has, want to be where the other is, want to trick the other, or apologize instead, want to compare, be better, attack, defend ourselves, run away, be right. Two women on stage invite you to watch a relationship which tells about curiosity, conflict, exhaustion, and hope. In »My Blue is Your Green» VAYA presents a performance bursting with energy as usual – containing acrobatic elements in an exciting encounter of two people.


Tina Halford: concept, choreography, dance
Raul Martinez: choreography, texts
Angelica Baños: creation, dance
Agnes Sales Martin: creation, dance
Adele Madau: musical composition
Steffen Melch: light design
Stefanie Wyen & Bianca Heck: costume
Jose David Cerda: graphic design
Loida de Vargas & Vitalis Neufeld: photography

produced in Germany in 2020/21

60 min // piece for theater
30 min or 15min // piece for street

12.09.20 FreiArt Festival Freiburg, Germany (30min version)
13.09.20 FreiArt Festival Freiburg, Germany (30min version)
16.10.20 Festival Tanzherbst Kempten, Germany (30min version)
02.05.21 Live-stream Premiere at the E-WERK theater, Freiburg, Germany (60min version)
03.07.21 Festival Das Tanzfest Freiburg, Germany (15min version)
05.07.21 Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum Stegen, Germany (30min version)
09.07.21 Festival ENDOA, Valencia, Spain (60min version)
20.07.21 Summer Stage Stadttheater Freiburg, Germany (30min version)
23.07.21 Festival “Tanz zu Dir” Freiburg, Germany 2x (30min version)
24.07.21 Festival “Tanz zu Dir” Freiburg, Germany (30min version)
25.07.21 Festival “Tanz zu Dir” Freiburg, Germany 2x (30min version)
02.08.21 Festival Sommerwerft, Frankfurt, Germany (30min version)
19.09.21 Landesmuseum Stuttgart, Germany (30min version)
13.10.21 PACT Festival, Tübingen, Germany(60min version)
14.10.21 Evangelisches Jugendhilfswerk, Freiburg, Germany (30min version)
27.11.21 Cultural program by Goethe Institut Guatemala (30min version)
28.11.21 Cultural program by Goethe Institut Guatemala (30min version)
30.11.21 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (30min version)
02.12.21 Panajachel, Guatemala (30min version)
04.12.21 Jalapa, Guatemala (30min version)
“My Blue is your Green” was created with the kind support of the cultural office of the city of Freiburg and the foundation of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, in a coproduction with E-WERK Freiburg and Studio Pro Arte in Merzhausen and Sponsoring by Yoiqi.