Chiltic meaning “red” in Nahuatl, an indigenous language of Central America is a piece that premiered on the 13th of October 2018 in Moscow, Russia. The piece is performed by 4 international artists from Germany, El Salvador and Russia. The colour RED stands in the center of this project, as it is the colour that unifies us all as living beings, it is the colour of our “bodily inside”. With the help of this colour we want to question social happenings and their possible symbolic and ambivalent meanings (love/warmth/danger/consumerism) that this colour has in modern society. One the one hand the will of integration and the need of harmony and on the other hand separation and seemingly unsolvable conflicts. Four artists from very different cultures share their experiences!

Tina Halford, Raul Martinez, Tanya Melnikova, Jaroslav Skitovich
Produced in  Russia and Germany
Choreographer: Raul Martinez
2018 // 60 min // Piece for Theatre
PERFORMED 13.10.18 RUSSIAN PREMIERE Cultural Center ZIL, Moscow, Russia
14.10.18 Cultural Center ZIL, Moscow, Russia
15.11.18 GERMAN PREMIERE Südufer Theater Freiburg
16.11.18 Südufer Theater Freiburg
17.11.18 Südufer Theater Freiburg
18.11.18 Südufer Theater Freiburg
13.10.18 RUSSIAN PREMIERE Cultural Center ZIL, Moscow, Russia
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