Graduated from the University Amsterdamse Homeschool voor de Kunsten (The Netherlands) in Modern Theater Dance.
She has worked as a dancer and performer with various choreographers and companies like: Anton Lachky, Guy Nader|Maria Campos, Vero Cendoya, Colectivo CLA, Los INnato, Angels Margarit, Quan Bui Ngnoc, Liat T Waysbort, Emi Miyoshi and Kompani Hanni amongst others.
Since 2013 she has been participating in and producing cultural projects in Central America, generating a link of exchange between Europe and Latin America.
In this time she won the first prize for her own creation “Common Ground” in the Festival SoloDos en Danza in Costa Rica in 2015, with an international tour. She is the co-founder of the project VAYA Art of Human Movement together with Raul Martinez, with which they created the piece “Los veo desde aquí” for the National Dance Company of El Salvador amongst other projects of creation, investigation and education. Tina is the director in the field of dance of the “Network of Latin-American Theater “ in El Salvador.
As a guest teacher she has gained experience in several institutions qualifying professional dancers (e.g. Berufsausbildung Kari Tanzhaus Kempten, Bühnentanzausbildung Freiburg, National University of contemporary Dance in Guatemala City) as well as being a workshop instructor in festivals, companies and other institutions.