common ground

“Winning piece of the Festival SoloDos en Danza in Costa Rica 2015”
This piece emerged as an encounter between two people from oposite sides of the earth. The german contemporary dancer Tina Halford and the nicaraguan folclore and latin rhythm dancer Yeinner Chicas lived and worked together to create this piece, searching for common grounds in their different approaches to movement and perceptions in life. They managed to create this common space in the pice, created by two beings that grew up in such different places, cultures and surroundings. The piece forms part of the dance film “Donde Esta?” that has been filmed in Costa Rica / Nicaragua (director Maja Hannisdal). 
Tina Halford, Yeinner Chicas
Choreography: Tina Halford, Yeinner Chicas, Maja Hannisdal
Produced in: Nicaragua
2015 // 15min // Piece for Road/Theater
11.11.17 St Petersburg, Russia
12.03.16 Festival La Machine, San Jose, Costa Rica
11.03.16 Solodos en Danza, San Jose, Costa Rica
10.07.15 Deltebre Festival, Deltebre, Spain
04.07.15 Festival Corpo(a)terra, Oursense, Spain
28.06.15 Trajectos, Zaragoza, Spain
27.06.15 Festival Lekuz Leku, Bilbao, Spain
18.06.15 Gala solodos, Claustro San Francisco, Ourense, Spain
13.06.15 Nextos Dantza Hirian, Barbate y Cadiz, Spain
12.06.15 Cadiz en Danza, Cadiz, Spain
13.03.15 Festival Solodos En Danza, San Jose, Costa Rica