A shadow is an area of darkness into which light cannot penetrate. It can fill the entire space behind an opaque object which is illuminated from the front.The actual area of a shadow is a two-dimensional silhouette of an inverted projection of the object casting the shadow. Shadow could also refer to something we carry inside of us, through it we may have access to an experience beyond the limited reality around us.

Tina Halford, Raul Martinez
Produced in Germany
2017 // 30min/15min // Piece for theatre/road
27.09.19 Festival LaCorrupta, Köln, Germany
06.04.19 Teatro Eugene O’Neil, San Jose, Costa Rica
21.03.19 Parentesis Festival, San Jose, Costa Rica
06.12.18 Campamento Connatural, Guatemala City, Guatemala
01.12.18 Festival Rambla Guatemala City, Guatemala
30.11.18 Artes Landivar Guatemala City, Guatemala
16.10.18 Festival Tanzherbst, Kempten, Germany
12.07.18 Festival Corpo(a)terra, Ourense, Spain
14.04.18 En Ningun Lugar, Xalapa, Mexico
11.11.17 St Petersburg, Russia
04.11.17 Festival Contemporary Dace Week, Samara, Russia
07.10.17 Pro Arte Performance Night, Freiburg, Germany
06.10.17 Pro Arte Performance Night, Freiburg, Germany