This solo started as an investigation in 2008, connecting various solo works that developed and changed over time due to the life experiences of the creator, till finally reaching the result now named “Malahierba” (weeds).
The staring point is the evolution of the man in various social settings  which he is confronted with. This piece is a group of images that refer to stereotypes, preconceptions, old and new perceptions of masculinity and the history of man within humanhood. 
Raul Martinez
Produced in Costa Rica
2016 // 20min // Piece for Theater/Road
13.03.18 La Machine Festival, San Jose Costa Rica
10.03.18 La Machine Festival, San Jose, Costa Rica
22.02.18 Festival Nomada, San Salvador, El Salvador
21.02.18 Festival Nomada, San Salvador, El Salvador
02.02.18 Teatro Eugene O´Nell, San Jose, Costa Rica
20.04.19 Festival Vivadanca, Salvador do Bahia, Brasil
10.06.19 Cultural Center ZIL, Moscow, Russia
16.06.19 Feria del libro de Portugalete, Bilbao, Spain
23.11.19 Festival Yucatan Escenica, Merida, Mexico